$2 Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches!

I have such a love-hate relationship with Starbucks. Throughout my young adulthood, I have tried to wean myself off of the 'Bucks for so many different reasons (EXpensive, unnecessarily sugary, etc.), but without fail, I always end up right back in its good graces (typically around the holidays, when they totally whip out those glorious holiday CUPS!).

As of late, my Starbucks routine has involved the purchase of a grande, nonfat, extra hot, no foam Misto. This is a LOT less expensive (and sugary) than my original Starbucks standard order of grande nonfat, extra hot, no foam, sugar-free vanilla chai tea lattes. I'm actually embarrassed with my lack of awareness of how much SUGAR can be crammed into that thing (you can find out the nutrition facts right on starbucks.com, if you so wish).

Last night, as I was doing my standard Twitter stalking perusal, I noticed that good ol' @Starbucks had tweeted about, mother of all things, a DEAL?!?! You KNOW Starbucks doesn't do deals all too often (Please. It doesn't NEED to.) so you better believe I got right on it!

The deal? A $2 breakfast sandwich with the purchase of any brewed or handcrafted beverage. Sure, the breakfast sandwiches go for $3.25, so you only save a little over a $1, but WHATEVER. A deal from STARBUCKS?! Sign me the heck on UP!

I clearly wasn't the only one who was ready and waiting to cash in on this rare opportunity.

Or maybe that's just Starbucks on a typical day? Who knows. (The Starbucks in this picture isn't the one I typically frequent enough to properly determine traffic patterns. My apologies in advance.)

Whatever the case, you better believe I was ready and SET to order my grande Misto with a reduced-fat turkey bacon sandwich (a deal's a deal, but a girl's gotta watch her figure, people!).

Yum-O.  Considering I don't normally eat breakfast (I know, I know), having a big ol' sandwich for breakfast was a bit daunting for me. I took one bite of it (just to see what it tasted like!) before putting it away for lunchtime.

We'll see how this tastes... re-heated. Sigh. Oh well. At least I scored two meals for the "price of one", if you will.


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