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Long exposure photos at night or dusk. Mainly from the downtown Chicago area.

Chicago Happy New Year 2018 view of Fireworks from Michigan Ave.

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Chicago celebrates with fireworks happy New Year 2018. Spectators on Michigan Ave in frigid temperatures ring in the New Year Chicago style. Journey with me downtown to the big party. This footage is the full documentation of my trip on December 31 2017. See the people walking to the fireworks display, couples, families, kids, teenagers,... Read more »

Halloween Attraction at Fantasy Costumes

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Take a tour inside Fantasy Costumes on Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL. If you are looking for a unique costume, chances are you are going to find it at this store. In this video we will take tour inside and check out some of the latest items people are shopping for this coming Halloween. Follow me... Read more »

New Years Celebration at Chicago's Navy Pier

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Chicagoans celebrating the New Year at Navy Pier. This footage is taken four seconds before midnight and highlights a few of the fireworks from Lake Michigan. Thousands of people with their phones, cameras and selfie sticks as far as the eye can see. I was in the middle of the whole thing attempting to capture... Read more »

Cubs Win - The people at Wrigley Field

Cubs Win - The people at Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field was completely energetic last night. Here is a collection of photographs I was able to capture around the 7th inning. Many spectators filled the streets along with police and the intensity build as they headed further in Wrigley Field. The excitement can be seen in people’s faces.

Photography at night, in the rain.

Photography at night, in the rain.
Welcome to night photography session for December, 13, 2015. On this evening I walked through the rain on Clark Street and on the River Walk. I forgot to bring my tripod and my camera ended up getting soaked, but I still managed to capture a few interesting shots. As I crossed the street I snapped... Read more »

Damen and California Blue line Night Photos

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Night Photography session from November 30 2015. Pictures taken from the CTA blue line platform at Damen and California. Camera used is Canon 60d with 18-55mm lens. HDR , -2,0,+2 exposures. Shutter 1/60-8″-25″. Note to any photographer who want to film or take pictures on train platforms in Chicago you need to get permission first... Read more »

Night photography near State St. and Michigan Ave.

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Night photos from Downtown Chicago. Here are some of the best shots from my small journey last night in the big city, Chicago. Exploring HDR in the night time realms which is something completely new to me. The camera I am using is Canon 60d. Settings for most of these shots were ISO 100, shutter... Read more »

The Windy City - Sunset and night photos May 2013

The Windy City - Sunset and night photos May 2013
Most people visiting Chicago take great pictures during day light, but if you want to add character and a dramatic feel to your shots the sunset and night time is when you want to snap your shots. Problem is that in general, novice camera users do not know how to do it. Their pictures come... Read more »

First shooting of 2013- Wacker Dr. and State St.

Now that all the festivities are over the big city relaxes as it seeps into the cold weather. To me its the perfect opportunity for night photos. Some of the lights are still up around the water-walk. I am always amazed at how somber things appear, just a few days ago there were tons of... Read more »

Kinzie and Canal St. Night experience

There is no shortage of great photos in this city of ours. On a spur of the moment shoot I decided to take a detour from my destination. It was very late, 1 am to be exact but that didn’t matter, it was a very clear night and perfect to capture some of the ambiance.... Read more »