Live music performances at Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope is one of several bars in the Logan Square area that host live music performances. On this evening, January 20, 2019, they featured three bands; Rosaries (Chicago Metal), Atomic Love (Hard Rock) and Los Black Dogs (Hard Rock and Roll). This was my first time attending the location. Great atmosphere and particularly good attendance for a cold and snowy Sunday evening. The show started at around 9:45pm with Los Black Dogs opening the event. High energy and catchy solos in every song. Followed by Atomic Love who delivered a strong presence of hard rock and dynamic solos. Rosaries closed the evening with a more somber and heavy musical presence. Overall an exciting experience. Below are the photographs from the show. You can visit the bands at the following links Atomic Love Rosaries and Los Black Dogs Visit the venue at Slippery Slope



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