How to film in cold weather at night

How to film in cold weather at night. Here are three tips that will help you in very cold conditions. A few days ago, I went out in the elements. Five degree weather and windy conditions. These are a few of the things I learned from my experience.

Number one, you must bring extra batteries. The cold sucks the power right out of any battery. It is important to bring extras and keep them in your pockets, inside a pouch or some other material that can keep them at a higher temp.

Number two, if possible bring a tripod. Handholding can make your hands super cold and your fingers will be in pain. The cold wind was penetrating through my gloves after holding the camera up for just a few minutes.

Number three, dress in layers. If your body gets cold them you will become very unmotivated and most likely want to go home. There is a bonus tip, so watch until the end of the video to see what it is.

The film is taken with the YI 4k action camera in 2k wide mode with stabilizer option on. Camera for taking pictures is Sony A6300.

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