Chicago Happy New Year 2018 view of Fireworks from Michigan Ave.

Chicago celebrates with fireworks happy New Year 2018. Spectators on Michigan Ave in frigid temperatures ring in the New Year Chicago style. Journey with me downtown to the big party. This footage is the full documentation of my trip on December 31 2017. See the people walking to the fireworks display, couples, families, kids, teenagers, workers. Compared to last year, Chicagoans were in a much colder climate this time. But, the folks who did come out can be seen enjoying the celebration. My photography was better this time in my opinion.

In case you are wondering, the film is taken with the YI 4k action camera in 2k wide mode with stabilizer option on. Camera for taking pictures is Sony A6300. Thanks for checking out my video. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment as to what you enjoyed the most about this session.


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  • What were you recording audio on?

  • In reply to Dion McGill:

    Hi Dion, I'm recording with a Sony clip mic attached to the collar of my jacket, its connect to Tascam DR-05 capturing my voice and I have a set of ear phones to monitor the sound. I sync the audio with the video during the editing process.

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