Photography at night, in the rain.

Welcome to night photography session for December, 13, 2015. On this evening I walked through the rain on Clark Street and on the River Walk. I forgot to bring my tripod and my camera ended up getting soaked, but I still managed to capture a few interesting shots. As I crossed the street I snapped a shot of a black SUV waiting at the red light. You can see the rain coming down hard and the drops of water plus haze on the lens gave the pictures and interesting effect. I kept about 12 pictures from my journey.


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  • Nice images. I agree, the city looks special at night. (Chicago's Loop looks great anytime, day or night, of course.)

  • In reply to Lawrence Hartmann:

    Thanks Lawrence. I appreciate you checking out my photos. I have a few more night sessions coming up. Some from Foster beach. I'll be sure to let you know when I post them.

  • Beautiful!

  • In reply to Floyd Sullivan:

    Floyd, thanks so much- I appreciate your feedback.

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