The Windy City - Sunset and night photos May 2013

Most people visiting Chicago take great pictures during day light, but if you want to add character and a dramatic feel to your shots the sunset and night time is when you want to snap your shots. Problem is that in general, novice camera users do not know how to do it. Their pictures come out black or blurry.  Cell phones are probably more difficult to use for the task, while point and shoot cameras are slightly better, a dslr camera is the best for the job. You can get decent results by just following a few steps. First, your camera needs to be still, a tripod is very helpful but if you don't have one, just find a stable platform, a ledge, table, chair, bench, anything with a flat surface will work. Second, the flash is not necessary unless you are taking a shot of a person, if you want to do the landscape is better to have no flash at all. Third, camera settings -set your camera to night, sunset or twilight, you can find this in the menu settings or your turn dial of your camera. These are basic steps and can give you good results. For a more technical and detail explanation you can send me an email at and I will be more than happy to provide you more information on the topic.

On my most recent journey I started on Lake St and walked towards Navy Pier. Beginning at sunset which provide some interesting colors. As night settled in fireworks began at Navy pier which was a few miles away and caught me by surprise. I ran to get as close as I could but was only able to capture two good shots. Once i got to the turning point on the waterwalk which is directly across the street from Navy Pier and got shots of all the action from a distance. There were many boats passing by but due to the long exposures they disappeared in the shots and only left streaks of red and blue lights. If you are interested in joining me on this this trip you can view the entire journey on my Youtube channel Artemorbid.


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