Junked cars turned into great art!

At the far end of Northerly Island -Daphne garden, you will find three sculptures made from old junked cars, Cadillac parts to be exact. Dessa Kirk created the beautiful ladies that stand over eight feet tall. Very photogenic no matter what time of year. I previously captured them in the summer time. My recent trip was different, because of the cold weather I was the only person there. With frozen hands I was able to get video as well as photos of them. The pics are included as a slide show on the video. If you are interested in visiting Daphne Gardens all you have to do is follow the beach near the Adler planetarium and you will find it.


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    You have raised desire in me to also visit Northerly Island -Daphne garden and watched out sculptures made of junk cars.
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    I go there as often as possible. Late in the afternoon is very peaceful time.

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