Kinzie and Canal St. Night experience

There is no shortage of great photos in this city of ours. On a spur of the moment shoot I decided to take a detour from my destination. It was very late, 1 am to be exact but that didn't matter, it was a very clear night and perfect to capture some of the ambiance. Starting from the Clark n Lake blue line stop, I made my way down to Canal St. I never realized how quite it can be in the city late at night. With my SONY dslr ready I began to take my shots. From where I stood I can see an old bridge raised in the sky line, decided to make that my point of interest. When I finally reached it I was surprised to see more photographer with a wide array of equipment capturing some of the same bridge, very cool guys, even letting me use their tripod, since all I had was my camera. Capturing lots of amazing shots the ones featured on this gallery were the best from my little adventure.


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