Cobra Lounge - Western and Ashland Ave.

Cobra Lounge is located on 235 N. Ashland Ave. Host to many events, covering many genres of music on.  August 12 2012 bands Earthen -Winterhymn -Anticosm - Empyreus  - Veneficum took to the stage.

Opening the evening was Venificum, although without a drummer they put on a killer set. Very intense atmosphere and incredible stage presence.

Up next Empyreus, featuring members from They Die Screaming and Elbow Deep- they also shared the keyboard player from Venificum. Great black metal feel to their songs which crossover into death metal style at times. Tom Knudsen- Vocalist gave a very energetic performance.

Anticosm from Detroit, traveled a long way to perform a very death metal set, although there was a few technical difficulties they still pull it all together to finish on a good note.

Winterhymn- Put on an incredible performance. Folk metal style along with some incredible musicians on Keyboards and Violin. A very eye pleasing stage appearance with songs that were very easy to sing a long to.

Earthen headline this event. Chicago based metal band with a wide array of elements. By far the audiences favorite and very warm welcome to their music by everyone in attendance.

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