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Upside down: Poverty keeps rising, incomes keep falling

Upside down: Poverty keeps rising, incomes keep falling
More and more Americans are sliding into poverty, seeing diminishing incomes and joining the ranks of the uninsured. Those are three of the top findings in “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2010,” the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual snapshot of economic trends in U.S. households. There’s a lot to chew on... Read more »

News roundup: As interest rates fall, so has interest in new homes

Even with mortgage interest rates dropping to 50-year lows, the demand for mortgages is falling. The number of mortgage applications has been falling for three weeks straight. Some say this could be due to double-dip recession fears or a hope that interest rates will fall  further. Also in the news… The number of uninsured Americans... Read more »

Daley stands by TIF use, won't use money to save schools

Last week, support grew for dispersing Chicago TIF funds to aid the struggling city budget and prevent more cuts to Chicago Public Schools. Yesterday, Mayor Richard M. Daley defended TIFs intended use, including improvements to public transportation hubs like Chicago’s Morgan Street Station that houses CTA’s green and pink lines. Also: In education reform debate,... Read more »