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Unemployment rates in Chicago return to highest levels

Unemployment rates in Chicago return to highest levels
The news is rarely good on unemployment rates, but usually it’s a little encouraging: down 1 percent, a half percent, or heck, maybe it didn’t get any worse. Not this month. The latest data show things are looking downright ugly again, with July’s unemployment rate in Chicago at 11.7 percent–climbing back up to heights not... Read more »

The bleak jobs report

The bleak jobs report
The official unemployment rate ticked up in June to 9.2 percent, according the latest jobs report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as employers added a paltry 18,000 positions to their payrolls last month. Those numbers are bad enough, but other measures of who is working–and who isn’t–paint perhaps an even more dire... Read more »

The legacy of Richard M. Daley on Chicago's South and West sides

The Chicago Reporter looks back at the track record of Chicago’s longest-serving mayor in some of the city’s most under-served communities. While Richard M. Daley has received praise for restoring the city’s downtown and establishing Chicago as a “global” city, his performance in lower-income communities on the city’s South and West sides are met with... Read more »

Second City or dead last? Five shocking facts about Chicago

Okay, so we’re not the Big Apple, and we don’t have the sun-tanned allure of L.A., but Chicago’s pretty great, right? Most of us, whether we were born here or have made it our home, would agree. How justified is our city pride? Beyond the skyscrapers and sparkling store windows of Michigan Avenue, Chicago has... Read more »

127,000 may lose unemployment in Illinois

Unless Congress acts, 2 million people across the nation will lose their unemployment benefits this week–127,000 in Illinois alone. The lame-duck Congress has until tomorrow to pass another extension of unemployment benefits. Otherwise, all those unemployed who’ve already maxed out their state benefits will be cut off. It’s a familiar scene. Unemployment is nearly at... Read more »