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Illinois inches closer to giving undocumented immigrants driver's licenses

Illinois inches closer to giving undocumented immigrants driver's licenses
Illinois has moved one step closer to approving provisional driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Some advocates are hailing the legislation, while others warn it could make it easier to target who is in this country without papers. The Senate voted 41-14 this week in favor of the bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to receive a... Read more »

Multimedia: One undocumented man's struggle for a new kidney

“One vida” – One life, says the bracelet Jorge Mariscal wears as he gets dialysis. The 24-year-old has only one kidney, and for the last seven years the procedure has helped keep him alive. Until recently, his prognosis was grim because as an undocumented immigrant he’s ineligible to be placed on the organ transplant list.... Read more »

Photos: Hunger strikers take "Walk for Life" demonstration to UIC Medical Center

“This hunger strike is for everyone in this situation, don’t leave us alone in this fight for life, we are human beings that deserve the respect and dignity to be treated,” says hunger striker Catalina Arroyo, aunt to brothers Elfego and Lorenzo Arroyo, left in blue shirt. Sonia Lopez, right, is another of the hunger strikers. Her son, Jorge Mariscal, needs a kidney transplant but is unable to get medical attention due to his legal status in the United States.
A “Walk for Life” march by hunger strikers and their supporters headed to UIC Medical Center Wednesday to protest what the demonstrators say are discriminatory practices by the hospital against undocumented immigrants. Specifically, protesters are upset that some of their friends and family have been denied spots on the transplant waiting list because of their... Read more »