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DePaul gets an arena, but what does the community gain?

DePaul gets an arena, but what does the community gain?
Big urban projects like sports arenas often come with a time-worn narrative: They will create tourism and attract new jobs and a tidy return on investment. City support for the controversial DePaul  University basketball arena is no different.  A City of Chicago news release stated that the arena, which will be located near McCormick Place... Read more »

Feds take a leaf out of Chicago's play book with tax benefits for wealthy neighborhoods

If you’ve heard complaints about Chicago’s Tax Increment Financing program, it’s probably this: a measures designed to help “blighted” neighborhoods is used to line the pockets of wealthy businessmen. But a new investigation from Bloomberg news says this kind of corruption isn’t just the Chicago way. Uncle Sam has now followed suit, shows Bloomberg, with... Read more »

News Roundup: Completed foreclosures up 44.9 percent

Completed foreclosures in Chicago have increased by 44.9 percent over the last year, according to the Woodstock Institute. Ninety-five percent of the properties were acquired by lenders instead of third-party buyers. Because many lender-owned properties remain vacant longer than those owned by third-parties, municipalities will struggle as the properties decrease tax rolls and increase maintenance... Read more »

Why are taxpayers supporting high salaries for a company that's losing money?

photo courtesy of flickr/David Paul Ohmer The publicly-funded agency that manages Navy Pier and McCormick Place has increased its number of six-figure staff, despite the fact that the agency lost $3.6 million last year and is projecting a $28.8 million loss for its current fiscal year. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the full story in its... Read more »