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Bill to admit domestic violence priors as evidence in murder cases awaits Quinn

As the murder trial against former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson gets under way, his history of domestic violence is expected to play a key role. Peterson is accused of murdering his then-wife Kathleen Savio in 2004, and prosecutors are expected to use his previous record of abuse against Savio to try and convict him.... Read more »

Race and poverty roundup: Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic protests continue, 6-year-old is handcuffed, officers who shot autistic boy cleared, and more...

After three nights, the tent city outside the Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic is no more. Police evicted protesters trying to keep it and five other mental health facilities from closing by April 30. Despite this setback, protesters told The Chicago Reporter they plan to set up camp again across the street from the clinic. Bill... Read more »

A notorious drug war ratio rolled back retroactively

A notorious drug war ratio rolled back retroactively
The “War on Drugs” turned 40 earlier this year, and we have noted the conflict’s anniversary here with a post about two studies critical of the effort and by reporting on skepticism from at least one prominent local politician about its efficacy. On the federal level, meanwhile, the drug war has been recently, if slightly,... Read more »