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Race, poverty and politics: Health exchange in limbo; subsidized child care at risk; Obama supports gay marriage; TIF reform?

The Illinois General Assembly is not expected to make any moves to create a state-run health care exchange, Crain’s reported on Thursday. Sources on both sides of the aisle in the statehouse said the inactivity is due to the pending Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of the President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care law.... Read more »

Three years since Obama took office. How is he doing?

Three years since Obama took office. How is he doing?
When President Barack Obama was elected just three years and a few days ago, two-thirds of Americans had confidence that he would be a good president. Today? Only 45 percent approve of the job he’s doing. You might chalk public opinion up to a number of factors. The economy’s still in the toilet. The health... Read more »

Governor Quinn squeaks by thanks to the efforts of Obama and others to turn out the black vote

President Barack Obama called me  the day before Election Day last week. Well, it wasn’t actually the president, just a recording. And it wasn’t a personal call. It was a recording probably sent to tens of thousands of likely African American voters in Illinois in an effort to drum up support for embattled Illinois Governor... Read more »

News Roundup: Unemployment filings jump after two weeks of decline

(Photo courtesy of D.C. Atty via Flickr) Claims for unemployment benefits shot up by 12,000 last week, bringing the seasonally adjusted total to 465,000. Although the four-week average decreased by 3,350 to 463,250, last week’s increase underscores the lagging and unpredictable nature of the labor market’s recovery. Also in the news… The News-Gazette reports that... Read more »

Rev. Jeremiah Wright vs. Rev. Steven Anderson: Did we give too much attention to Wright or too little to ... what's his name?

You may be asking, who’s Rev. Steven Anderson? He’s the pastor who is praying for President Barack Obama to die and preached “Why I Hate Barack Obama.” After hearing the message, one of his congregants brought an assault rifle to an August 2009 Obama town hall meeting. The story was one of our top 10... Read more »