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Affordable Care Act addresses some health disparities, perpetuates others, experts say

Affordable Care Act addresses some health disparities, perpetuates others, experts say
Today uninsured Americans begin enrolling in state health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. The exchanges allow people who are buying insurance to compare different health plans and find one that is most affordable for them. In Illinois, the exchange is expected to eventually cover 1 million people who are currently uninsured, according to... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: The Obamacare tax and segregation sickness

Looking forward to health care reform? You might end up paying a little more for your Grand Slam because of it. This week on The Barber Shop Show, WBEZ’s Don Hall brought in his news dislike for the month: businesses planning to charge customers more and cut employee hours to make up for any lost... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: Supreme Court rules on health care; cabbies plan strike; city passes pot law; Emanuel introduces new gun ordinance

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the majority of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law Thursday. Five of the nine justices ruled that key provisions, such as the individual mandate were constitutional. But it threw out a provision that would have withheld federal funds from states that elected not to expand their Medicaid programs. Check... Read more »

Race and poverty roundup: Trayvon Martin, 'Hoodies and Hijabs' rallies, IL Senate blocks Crete detention center, and more...,

What’s moving in the world of race and poverty, on Chicago Muckrakers weekly. The killing of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has set off a debate on race, hoodies, lobbyists, guns, and “Stand Your Ground” legislation around the country, one that has culminated in four seperate rallies in Trayvon’s honor in the past week in... Read more »