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On the Barber Shop Show: ‘Speedy removals’ of immigrants (video)

The Chicago Reporter’s latest investigation, “Speedy Removal,” revealed that thousands of immigrants bypass the due process of immigration court and are deported after signing stipulated orders of removal. That’s part of a troubling trend in U.S. immigration enforcement, says Mark Fleming, litigation coordinator at the Chicago-based National Immigrant Justice Center, because rushed removal proceedings don’t... Read more »

Undocumented Life: Report claims detention centers are unfairly punishing immigrants

Many of the country’s immigration detention centers use solitary confinement improperly to punish detainees, according to a new report from immigration activist and doctors. The report alleges that undocumented immigrants housed in detention centers, including McHenry County Jail and Tri-County Detention Center, are often being punished with a 23-hour lockdown also known as “solitary confinement.”... Read more »

Undocumented life: Many young undocumented immigrants don't qualify for 'deferred action'

Karla was born in Mexico City. She was brought to Chicago when she was 6 years old and now is 20. She went to school in Chicago. By all accounts, she would be eligible for the Dream Act, if it passes, and it seems she would qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. But... Read more »

Undocumented Life: Chicago-area U.S. citizen becomes first to sue over detention under Secure Communities

When James Makowski pleaded guilty to drug possession in 2010, he agreed to enter a 120-day boot camp as punishment. He figured it wouldn’t be as bad as the boot camp he completed when he entered the U.S. Marines. But instead of boot camp, James ended up serving two months in a maximum security prison... Read more »

Undocumented Life: Fraud complaints against prominent immigration activist pile up

The number of undocumented immigrants accusing a prominent immigration activist of scamming them out of thousands of dollars by pretending to be an immigration lawyer keeps growing. The most recent complaint against Margaret Carrasco, filed back in April, was by a 19 year-old undocumented woman who met Carrasco in immigration court. The mother of a... Read more »

An Undocumented Life: Violence Against Women Act, a protector of undocumented victims of domestic violence, held up in House

Undocumented women who live with an abusive partner, particularly a U.S. citizen who’s in control of her path to legal status, are the most vulnerable and need protection by the government, said Rep. Jan Schakowsky. But the divisiveness of politics lately is on full display in Congress, where a key piece of legislation that would... Read more »