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A Primer: Illinois teens in the juvenile justice system

We’ve been talking a lot about teens in the juvenile justice system since Angela Caputo’s great investigation, Minor Misconduct, came out this month. But maybe you, like me, don’t know much about how teens are treated in Illinois’ system. Angela helped me wade through the issue, and I created this infographic as a primer for... Read more »

State commission: 17-year-olds should be charged as minors, not adults

State commission: 17-year-olds should be charged as minors, not adults
Are 17-year-olds adults, or not? The answer is murky in Illinois. If they’re the victim of a crime, 17-year-olds are considered kids. The same goes if they break curfew, are charged with a misdemeanor, like marijuana possession, or try to buy cigarettes or vote. But when it comes to felonies, the teens are adults. Period.... Read more »

Most (99 percent) of Illinois' 17-year-olds plead guilty in adult court for felony charges

Photo by Paul Hart Imagine you’re 17 years old, sitting in a prison cell. You were arrested on a felony charge, but your family can’t afford to post bond, so you’re waiting here, waiting to see what will happen to you. Maybe you’re guilty, but maybe you’re innocent. All you know is that the public... Read more »

Children doing adult time because of a law made over a century ago

Photo credit: banspy It was a time that women couldn’t vote. Scientists of the day used brain size and the first intelligence tests to determine that white people were biologically superior to all other races. People with mental illnesses were locked up in crude asylums, restrained to beds and given shock therapy in an attempt... Read more »