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What's your elected official doing to fight poverty?

It’s report card time. No, not for CPS students, but for Chicago lawmakers. The Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law has put out a report card for every member of the U.S. House and Senate. The subject? What they’re doing to fight poverty. Nationwide, they found a trend that may or may not surprise... Read more »

Unless politicians act quickly, more than 1,000 families may be left homeless

For 1,037 Chicago families, the future all depends on a relatively small, obscure amendment passing through the U.S Senate. Without it, they may just end up without a place to live, uprooted from the communities where they’ve lived for years, because of a short-sighted law passed 40 years ago. They thought that amendment was going... Read more »

News Roundup: Quinn slightly ahead of Brady

In the Illinois gubernatorial race, Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn remains slightly ahead of GOP challenger Sen. Bill Brady with 99 percent of the precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press. The candidates are split by 8,300 votes, with Quinn holding 46.5 percent and Brady 46.3 percent. Last night Quinn told supporters that, although all the votes... Read more »