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Who's fighting for low-wage workers?

Many of us can’t imagine raising a family on $10 an hour. And yet, every day, thousands of Chicagoans do it. The U.S. government estimates that one-third of all American workers are “low-wage workers”–people who’s wages are so low that even if they worked full time, their wages wouldn’t lift them above poverty. So, what... Read more »

How work doesn't pay, and why it could destroy America

Does work pay? It’s a pretty fundamental assumption. If you work, you won’t be poor. You won’t have to depend on welfare. You’ll be okay. But for more and more working families, that isn’t true. A new report from the Working Poor Families Project says that since the recession has hit America, one in three... Read more »

Many poor people have a job--they just don't get paid

Poor people are poor because they don’t want to work, right? That’s what a lot of Americans believe. But imagine working 40 hours a week, even putting in overtime, and having nothing to show for it. That’s a reality for many of Chicago’s workers who experience wage theft–employers circumventing the law by paying under the... Read more »

Can education end poverty?

The Midwest has taken a beating lately. Think national poverty rates are high? Midwestern rates are eight  times higher, says a Heartland Alliance analysis. Illinois isn’t an exception. In 2009, while the national unemployment rate hovered around 9.3 percent, ours hit 10.1. Over the last decade, unemployment rates in Illinois grew 129 percent. It’s probably... Read more »

From homeowners to worker drones?

What’s the American Dream? A job, a family, a little house in the suburbs? Some are suggesting that the third should get axed. Or so says Time magazine, in its article “The Case Against Homeownership.” Certainly, in this economy, the idea of owning a home doesn’t take on the same glow it once did. With... Read more »