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Police misconduct cases drag on, and on

With the number of police misconduct allegations holding steady at about 2,800 per year, and the watchdog brought on to investigate them taking years to decide if there is even merit to the claims, is the system working? That’s a question the Chicago Tribune posed yesterday in an article that suggests growing tension over the... Read more »

Barber Show Show review: Chicago talks about police misconduct

Barber Show Show review: Chicago talks about police misconduct
Ever been roughed up by a cop? Been the victim of an illegal search or a false arrest? Chicago spends millions each year settling cases where victims allege the police have abused their power. That’s what we talked about on Friday at Carter’s Barber Shop with reporter Angela Caputo and director of Chicago’s Independent Police... Read more »

Recent police shootings raise questions about oversight

This week, the Chicago Tribune’s John Byrne shows how recent police shootings in Libertyville, Riverdale and Rockford have raised questions and calls for greater scrutiny. Some departments are using law enforcement officials from other departments to investigate questionable shootings. For years, Chicago activists have called for civilian review of police. They haven’t gotten it, but... Read more »