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Has Illinois become a slave state?

Illinois has the distinction of being on the right side of history–one of the states that helped win the Civil War and didn’t permit slavery. But a new book by author Michelle Alexander flips that distinction on its head and begs the question: Have we turned from a free state to a slave state? Alexander... Read more »

Who issued green cards to the Pilgrims?

It’s week four of the National Conversation on Race, and this week is a toughie. Our moderators over at Equity Blog are pushing all of us to go past the “lowest common denominator” conversations that we usually have about race and actually talk about finding solutions to serious problems. The two they propose aren’t easy... Read more »

Why felons should (or shouldn't) vote in the coming election

In Illinois, 45,545 people won’t vote this year. It isn’t that they won’t have the time. It’s not that they lack motivation. It’s not that the lines are too long, or they can’t get to the polls. It’s where they live – in prison. Although Illinois is one of the few states that allows ex-offenders... Read more »