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Undocumented Life: Chicago-area U.S. citizen becomes first to sue over detention under Secure Communities

When James Makowski pleaded guilty to drug possession in 2010, he agreed to enter a 120-day boot camp as punishment. He figured it wouldn’t be as bad as the boot camp he completed when he entered the U.S. Marines. But instead of boot camp, James ended up serving two months in a maximum security prison... Read more »

Who issued green cards to the Pilgrims?

It’s week four of the National Conversation on Race, and this week is a toughie. Our moderators over at Equity Blog are pushing all of us to go past the “lowest common denominator” conversations that we usually have about race and actually talk about finding solutions to serious problems. The two they propose aren’t easy... Read more »

News Roundup: Foreclosures spiked in Cook County in August, some blame law

An April 2009 law intended to better manage foreclosures caused foreclosure filings to spike 66.4 percent in August, compared to a year earlier. Overall, foreclosures fell 5.5 percent over the year nationally and dropped 16.9 percent in Cook County since July.   Also in the news… The Elgin Police Department is making creative use of... Read more »

Home sales take a nose-dive to lowest level in 15 years

Home sales plummeted by 27.2 percent in July compared to June, hitting the lowest level in 15 years. The drop, which is the biggest monthly dive since 1968, enforced fears that the economy continues to slow down.  The end of a tax credit given to first-time buyers contributed to the fall, according to NPR. While... Read more »