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One man's story of struggling, surviving on SNAP

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Thad Smith manages 26 hives in the backyard of a repurposed home on West Flournoy Street in Chicago’s West Side. Every day, he opens the hives up to check on the thousand or so bees. “This hive is always a little hostile,” the 47-year-old said while carefully lifting the lid off one wooden box. “You... Read more »

Challenge for some, way of life for millions: Eating on $5 a day

He had just finished his toast when I dropped it on him. “Next week, I’m doing the SNAP Challenge!” I announced Friday morning over breakfast. The husband blinked. He hadn’t had his coffee yet. “The what?” The SNAP Challenge. SNAP, I explained, stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps. This... Read more »

Help feed hungry families through your smartphone this holiday

Help feed hungry families through your smartphone this holiday
Got big plans for today? A 20-pound turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce? If only all Chicagoans were so lucky. One in six people in Cook County are “food insecure,” meaning they’re not certain of their next meal. But this holiday season, the Greater Chicago Food Depository is helping people with plenty give a... Read more »

USDA says food stamps kept more people from going hungry

There are a lot of hungry people in America–17.2 million households that were labeled “food insecure” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, not always knowing where their next meal was coming from. A third of those went hungry at some point because they couldn’t afford enough food. Children in 386,000 families went hungry some time... Read more »

Nearly 1 in 5 in Chicago aren't sure about their next meal

What are you having for dinner tonight? It’s a question everybody thinks about, but not everyone has an answer to. According to the latest data from Feeding America, 16.1 percent of Chicagoans are food insecure–meaning they don’t always have access to enough food to make it through the day. Even more surprising is that many... Read more »