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Politics in review: Arrested protestors want face time with Rahm; Jackson, Jr. in hot seat; Preckwinkle snuffs ICE; Daley's day in court

Here’s a week’s worth of political and elections news that had The Chicago Reporter jawing. Twenty-three people were arrested early Friday morning after barricading themselves inside a Woodlawn mental health clinic in protest of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to consolidate 12 clinics into six. The Chicago Reporter recently reported on some of the planned closures. ... Read more »

Subsidies have diminished the economic impact of suburban Wal-Marts

As the Chicago City Coumcil considers a proposed South Side Wal-Mart, it might consider reviewing the subsidy deals–worth nearly $50 million–used to lure Wal-Mart to at least eight locations in suburban Cook County. According to the nonprofit Good Jobs First, on its Web site walmartsubsidywatch.org, Wal-Mart has received “more than $1.2 billion in tax breaks, free land, infrastructure... Read more »