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Do upper-middle-class white people just have higher IQs? A Washington Post columnist seems to think so

Is it 1912, or 2012? You’d be forgiven for being confused after reading an op-ed in this week’s Washington Post by political scientist Charles Murray who writes that if there’s an education gap in our society in which whites are out-performing other groups, it’s because students flagging behind are just not smart enough. “(C)hildren’s IQ... Read more »

Will the lame ducks pass the DREAM Act?

With state and local governments rummaging between the couch cushions for loose change, they might want to consider a measure that would also please immigrant activists: the DREAM Act. Because the bill would give young people who were brought here illegally as children access to higher education, it would also give government access to their... Read more »

Upping Chicago's dismal graduation rates

Over the weekend, a giant school bus rolled into town. Correction: a “Get Schooled” Bus – a nationwide initiative to improve high school and college graduation rates across America. With only 50 percent of Chicago’s kids graduating from high school and shockingly low college graduation rates for some predominately minority Chicago universities, we could use... Read more »