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SRO tenants see unionizing as last chance to fight developer

The Rosemoor Hotel follows a script that has been playing out across Chicago the past few years. The Chateau Hotel, the New Jackson Hotel, and many others have had their dramas, as the single-room-occupancy hotels, or SROs, have been bought up by developers with grander plans than providing low-income housing. SROs tenants have protested, marched... Read more »

Mapping lost housing: Lakeview's disappearing SRO hotels

Mapping lost housing: Lakeview's disappearing SRO hotels
I recently got word from Bob Zuley, a reporter and affordable housing advocate in Lakeview, that another single room occupancy hotel was closing–the Abbott– leaving  its 37 residents scrambling to find housing before the year is done. I interviewed Zuley a few weeks back about his years of reporting on these single room occupancy hotels,... Read more »

No more kids playing at the fire hydrant in West Town

This week, we’re taking a break from examining other people’s neighborhoods and to reflect on our own. Day 4 of our census tract series comes from reporter Angela Caputo. Check out the previous entries in this series and come back to read more the rest of the week. It’s not hard to pinpoint what’s changed... Read more »