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Families out of reach, incarcerated youth often silent about sexual assaults

It’s been six months since Celia Peoples last saw her 14-year-old son. He is only five hours away from her home in the small downstate town of Harrisburg, Ill., but Peoples, who is unemployed and barely making ends meet, can’t afford to take a car or a bus to visit him. Peoples’ son is incarcerated... Read more »

Why moving too much matters for children

Imagine moving six times in six years. It seems like you’d never really get unpacked before you had to pack up again. Moving vans, crumpled newspaper, address change forms. Finding a new bank, grocery store or a new school for your children. Six years of always being the “new kid” in class. A new report... Read more »

News Roundup: McDonald's considers health care insurance cuts for hourly workers

Nearly 30,000 McDonald’s wage workers may lose their insurance benefits if federal regulators do not agree to waive a provision of the new heath care legislation. The stipulation under question forces companies that offer “mini-med” insurance plans to spend at least 80 percent of premiums on medical costs. In a memo to federal regulators, the... Read more »

Should the city lease property that's meant to be for sale?

Some property for sale in North Lawndale is now up for rent. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Deborah McCoy. Chicago’s Committee on Housing and Real Estate voted May 4 in favor of renting 42 of the units it intended to sell under the New Homes for Chicago and City Lots for City Living programs. Most of the... Read more »