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Barber Shop Show review: Mid-Month Mash Up on gay marriage, demographic changes, and more

Each month, the Barber Shop Show features local journalists, bloggers and media personalities to get their take on the news of the month. For June’s Mid-Month Mash Up, the guests were Yolanda Perdomo, a host and producer with WBEZ; Jen Sabella, senior Chicago editor at DNAinfo Chicago; and myself representing The Chicago Reporter. The conversation... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Section 8 vouchers and analyzing this month's news

On our last episode of the Barber Shop Show, we talked about our latest investigation into discrimination against Section 8 subsidized housing voucher holders in suburban Cook County. Joining us in the studio was a tenant who chose to remain anonymous in name, but agreed to talk on video about the triumphs and pitfalls of... Read more »

Signed Into Law: No more bath salts; employers not allowed to ask for social media passwords

At the end of each session in Springfield, a pile of bills that pass the legislature end up on Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk awaiting his signature. We’ll keep track of those that make it into law. Employers blocked from asking for social networking passwords – HB 3782 might let a lot of job applications from... Read more »