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Race, poverty and politics: City passes new gun law, OKs $7M in police torture settlements; CTU, CPS agree on longer day with more teachers; Chick-fil-A not on Logan Square's menu

Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson and 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke are in a feud that went public Thursday over Burke’s refusal to release information on the city’s workers compensation program. Ferguson wants to look into reports of a number of police officers and firefighters abusing the city’s disability pay programs. Burke, as chair of... Read more »

City's black, white and Latino districts will see new faces in Springfield

This year, about a dozen state legislative districts in and around Chicago will elect a lawmaker who is new to the district. Scanning the contests–in African-American, Latino and white districts–there are few that, up to this point, have not been hard-fought battles. For instance, remapping has forced incumbents Steve Landek, the current 11th District state... Read more »