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The Barber Shop Show: 40 years and families dealing with LGBT inequality

In 1972, The Chicago Reporter began as a simple newsletter, devoted to uncovering the facts behind race in our segregated city. Forty years later, we’re still going strong, investigating race and poverty in Chicago. On last Friday’s Barber Shop Show, we gathered to celebrate that legacy and our 40th anniversary issue. Interim editor Rui Kaneya... Read more »

Number of same-sex couples grew by 80 percent since 2000

For every 1,000 couples living in Illinois, around 7 of them are same-sex couples. That may not sound like a lot, but the overall number of same-sex couples in the U.S. has grown by 80 percent since the 2000, census officials said yesterday. The number of those couples listing themselves as married has nearly doubled... Read more »

News Roundup: Chicago pensions could be insolvent

Chicago’s pensions are facing insolvency based on the city’s current and projected obligations, Chicago Tribune reported today. Firefighters, teachers, police officers and other city workers might find themselves in financial dire straits upon their retirement due to a draining of the system to meet short-term budget needs. Among the costly decisions made by city officials... Read more »