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We've gotten tough on crime, but are we any safer?

We've gotten tough on crime, but are we any safer?
I would have preferred a direct flight. But on my vacation several weeks ago, the cheapest flight to Barcelona, Spain, required a two-day layover in Helsinki. I had never been, never wanted to go and likely never would have gone to Finland. I hate the cold. But I’m glad I did. In a world of... Read more »

Crime down, poverty up doesn't mean the two aren't connected

You’ve heard the story of Jean Valjean, right? He’s one of the main characters in author Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables. The guy steals a loaf of bread to feed his starving family, gets caught and goes to prison. For most of us, that’s our basic understanding of the connection between poverty and crime.Somebody needs... Read more »

Most (99 percent) of Illinois' 17-year-olds plead guilty in adult court for felony charges

Photo by Paul Hart Imagine you’re 17 years old, sitting in a prison cell. You were arrested on a felony charge, but your family can’t afford to post bond, so you’re waiting here, waiting to see what will happen to you. Maybe you’re guilty, but maybe you’re innocent. All you know is that the public... Read more »