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The Barber Shop Show: Youth fighting violence and Chicago's black poetry scene

On last week’s Barber Shop Show, we touched on a timely topic here in Chicago: youth violence. Photographer Carlos Javier Ortiz from the Too Young To Die project joined us at Carter’s Barber Shop, along with students from the Columbia Links youth journalism program who write about the violence they see happening around them. Here’s... Read more »

The Barber Shop Show: Violence after school, on Chicago streets

We like to feature a range of issues on the Barber Shop Show–some serious, some more light-hearted. Our monthly WTF segment usually brings quite a few laughs. But lately, Chicago’s news has been serious and so have we. Last week, host Richard Steele and sports reporter Cheryl Raye Stout discussed a shooting that took the... Read more »

Chicago’s homicide epidemic is a youth homicide epidemic

Chicago’s homicide epidemic is a youth homicide epidemic
Last week, Hayida Pendleton was performing at President Obama’s inauguration festivities. Today, the body of the 15 year-old girl is in the Cook County morgue. She died yesterday of a gunshot wound to the back, hit by a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of teens gathered under a tent after school, trying to... Read more »