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Race, poverty and politics: Countdown to teachers' strike; TIF revenue falls; IL partners on insurance exchange

Illinois will partner with the federal government to offer a health insurance exchange in 2014, The State Journal-Register reported Thursday. “Logistical challenges” prevented the state from creating its own exchange, which health advocates wanted. That way, a state-appointed board of directors could determine how it works. The exchange is essentially an online marketplace where consumers... Read more »

Do upper-middle-class white people just have higher IQs? A Washington Post columnist seems to think so

Is it 1912, or 2012? You’d be forgiven for being confused after reading an op-ed in this week’s Washington Post by political scientist Charles Murray who writes that if there’s an education gap in our society in which whites are out-performing other groups, it’s because students flagging behind are just not smart enough. “(C)hildren’s IQ... Read more »