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Fast-track foreclosure bill for abandoned homes signed into law

Fast-track foreclosure bill for abandoned homes signed into law
This train is now running express. Under a bill signed into law this month by Gov. Pat Quinn, abandoned homes can be fast-tracked to foreclosure. That means their upkeep becomes the lenders’ responsibility before they fall apart and drag down a neighborhood’s economy and security. The bill will also force banks to pay a fee... Read more »

Chicago tears down crime-ridden abandoned buildings to build safer communities - Photos

Construction workers begin the demolition of an abandon building that was a location of high crime and drug sales.
The city began demolishing a number of buildings in neighborhoods on the South and West sides Thursday, as part of a Mayor Rahm Emanuel-backed strategy to cleanse neighborhoods of gang activity. Certain vacant buildings attract gang activity and violence, Emanuel contends, and they need to come down. Some are in such disrepair that they need... Read more »

New vacant property ordinance: Will it be effective in Chicago neighborhoods?

In late July, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance designed to clean up the thousands of vacant properties left decaying in the wake of foreclosure crisis. That ordinance would hold lender and mortgage servicers accountable for the maintenance of vacant homes, declaring them responsible for the property even before they legally took ownership when... Read more »