Barber Shop Show review: Mid-Month Mash Up on gay marriage, demographic changes, and more

Each month, the Barber Shop Show features local journalists, bloggers and media personalities to get their take on the news of the month. For June’s Mid-Month Mash Up, the guests were Yolanda Perdomo, a host and producer with WBEZ; Jen Sabella, senior Chicago editor at DNAinfo Chicago; and myself representing The Chicago Reporter.

The conversation touched on everything from the Illinois House’s failure to take a vote on gay marriage to recent revelations that the National Security Agency has been collecting the cellphone data of Verizon customers and tapping into the servers of companies, including Facebook, Apple and Google.

Hear some of Perdomo and Sabella’s favorite parts of the show. Video by Tyler Stabile:

And listen to the whole discussion:

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