SLIDESHOW: Protesters form 'human chain' to call for moratorium on deportation

Protestors disrupted morning rush-hour traffic in front of the Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave., on May 29. Calling on President Barack Obama to stop deportations while Congress seeks reform, 12 protestors used plastic pipes to make a "human chain" and positioned themselves around a banner that read "400: Not1More Deportation." The president is scheduled to speak at the hotel this evening as part of a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising event.

—Photos by Tyler Stabile

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  • Great non-reporting as usual. Retire the "Muckraking" title. Replace with "Propaganda" label.

    Your constant featuring reflects the absolute bias of Chicagonow, which editorial cannot even discern, as they talk to themselves and those who agree with themselves.

    In the words of the BHO: there is no there there. You are reporting on a traffic disruption. The views of those inconvenienced would have been more newsworthy.

  • Yup, a liberal hasn't made their bones in the world until they get hauled away in the paddy wagon with a smirk on their face.

    And of course the cops let them stay for a while to get their message across. If it was a conservative group protesting, they would've had SWAT keep them from even getting to the street.

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