The Barber Shop Show: Schools closing around the shop

The Barber Shop Show: Schools closing around the shop

With 129 Chicago Public schools on the potential closings list, many are wondering if their local school is going to be shut down.

Chicago's South and West sides  are bearing the brunt of the school closure list. And in North Lawndale, in the few miles around the home of The Barber Shop Show, Carter's Barbershop, there are eight schools waiting to find out whether they will open their doors again next September. Take a look at this Google map that our producer, Ayana Contreras, put together.

View North Lawndale/Austin schools on preliminary CPS closure list in a larger map

In the shop today, we'll have Lorraine Forte of Catalyst Chicago to talk about the impact of school closures across the city. Catalyst recently put up a timeline of the last few years of school closings under Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Will this year's closures play out in a similar way, even with new CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett at the helm? We'll ask Lorraine.

Also on today's show is Allison Beaulieu, an art teacher at Dett Elementary, a school in the footprint of the former Henry Horner Homes. The school's students are 98.4 percent black and 98.8 percent low-income. Beaulieu and others from the school are fighting to stop Dett from being closed. We'll hear about that fight and what impact the school closing might have on the community.

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Photo credit: Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune

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