The Barber Shop Show: Violence after school, on Chicago streets

We like to feature a range of issues on the Barber Shop Show--some serious, some more light-hearted. Our monthly WTF segment usually brings quite a few laughs. But lately, Chicago's news has been serious and so have we.

Last week, host Richard Steele and sports reporter Cheryl Raye Stout discussed a shooting that took the life of a 17 year-old high school student after a basketball game at Chicago State University. Take a look:

And this week, we'll be talking about The Chicago Reporter's latest installment of Too Young to Die, a series of documentary photos and articles on youth violence in Chicago. We'll have photographer Carlos Javier Ortiz talking about his six years spent taking pictures of the aftermath of shooting on the city's South and West sides. We'll also have students from Columbia Links, a youth journalism program, who are trying to combat the violence they see in their neighborhoods and create positive change. Today's guests, Lily Moore and Michael Wettig, both of whom contributed to Columbia Links investigative series on violence, "Treating the Violence Epidemic."

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