What's Up This Week: Veto session bills; Durbin and the fiscal cliff; standing up for workers

Back in Session. The veto session in Springfield continues this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some of the bills legislators are working on include the minimum wage ordinance, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants and whether to restore funding for four prisons.

Calling on Durbin. Illinois residents who depend on Social Security, Medicare and other public aid can't be at the table when the Grand Bargain is decided. Instead, they're pressuring Illinois Senator Dick Durbin to keep them in mind when making a deal to get the federal budget deficit under control.

Workplace Raids. Thirty four immigrants were arrested in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid of their workplace last week. Supporters of the workers argue they are not a priority for deportation and are calling for ICE to release them. They plan to have a news conference Monday morning outside ICE headquarters.

Car Wash Workers. A group of car wash workers fed up with working only for tips or making far below minimum wage plan to confront their employer and ask for a minimum wage. ARISE Chicago is the workers center helping to organize the action.

Closing Uncertainty. Since the House voted to extend the deadline for Chicago Public Schools to announce which schools will be closed this year, parents and teachers won't know if their school is on the list until March 31. The Chicago Teachers Union is hosting its annual education summit where parents and educators can talk about the closings.

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