The Barber Shop Show: Teens in the justice system and diverse voices in media

The Barber Shop Show: Teens in the justice system and diverse voices in media

Felony or misdemeanor? How a 17-year old is charged with a crime in Illinois makes a big difference.

Charged with a misdemeanor and they go to juvenile court and, if convicted, do time in a juvenile facility.

But charged with a felony, and they're automatically transferred to adult court and may end up doing time in prison with adult inmates, even though they're not adults yet themselves.

On last Friday's Barber Shop Show, we talked about The Chicago Reporter's latest investigation, Minor Misconduct, with reporter Angela Caputo and guest Stephanie Kollman of the Children and Family Justice Center.

Stephanie explained how a 17 year-old is charged doesn't just affect where they do time, but also their likelihood of staying out of trouble in the future. Take a look:

And this week at the shop, we'll be talking about the importance of diverse voices in media--not just actors on screen or news anchors on air, but directors, writers, reporters and editors of color calling the shots.

Joining us will be the folks from Kartemquin, a local film production company, about their Diverse Voices in Docs program, a  professional development program for emerging documentary filmmakers of color. Also, we'll have students from the West Side Writing project, which was featured this week on Muckrakers, talking about their work reporting on the neighborhood of West Humboldt Park.

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