What's Up This Week: Abbate and the "code of silence"; caroling against evictions; an immigrant's Christmas wish

 What's Up This Week: Abbate and the "code of silence"; caroling against evictions; an immigrant's Christmas wish
Chicago police line up outside a downtown restaurant.

Code of Silence. If the city of Chicago gets its wish to reverse a recent jury verdict that a "code of silence" in the Chicago Police Department tried to shield off-duty officer Anthony Abbate from police misconduct charges after he beat a female bartender, the city will have "no incentive to change," according to a brief filed by two law professors. Chicago has until Monday to respond to their filing. On Wednesday, a protest is planned to take place at Rahm Emanuel's office against what protesters claim is the city's "obstruction of justice" in the Abbate case.

SROs in the City. Nearly one quarter of Chicago's single room occupancy hotels have disappeared in five years, and with them has gone a place where low-income people can live in an increasingly expensive city, advocates say. The Chicago Reporter will take a look at SROs in the city, then and now.

Checking In. When The Chicago Reporter first interviewed Leticia Morua for our November/December 2011 issue, she was facing deportation proceedings after being stopped for a traffic violation. One year since we first wrote about her, we checked in with Morua, now a legal resident.

Caroling Against Evictions. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and several major banks will stop evictions for the holidays. A group of community organizations will sing Christmas carols at Fannie Mae's downtown office Tuesday and ask the nation's largest mortgage buyer to halt evictions for an entire year.

School to Prison Pipeline. Last week's Senate subcommittee hearing on the so-called school-to-prison pipeline is over, but there is still a chance to submit testimonies. Officials are collecting stories about young people sent to the juvenile delinquency system at high rates because of often minor offenses in school. The goal is to consider reforms to end this practice. The deadline to email testimonies is Wednesday.

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