What's Up This Week: Veterans' health care, our new blog, school funding and school closings

Calling for Vets. Iraq Veterans Against the War is asking Chicagoans to call the director of Jesse Brown VA Medical Center this week and ask him for several changes to care at the center. These include improved staff training in how to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and larger staff-to-patient ratios.

Our New Blog. Our new photography fellows have attracted a lot of attention with their striking photos and videos of people and places around Chicago. The photographers now have their own blog so you can access all of these great images in one place. It can be found here.

Lottery. What would happen if the hundreds of millions of dollars that Chicagoans spend on lottery tickets each year could go towards the city's under-funded, under-resourced schools? We take a look at the answer as well as legislative proposals to divert more lottery funding back to public schools.

‘No’ to School Closings. The Chicago Teachers Union is heading out on the street again to protests CPS policies on Monday. This time, their target is the district's plan to close more than 100 schools in the next five years.

Honoring Fighting Women. Women in the military face many of the same pressures as male soldiers. But they also have unique struggles, including sexual assault  and discrimination. The City Council's Committee on Human Relations will consider a resolution Wednesday to have a hearing on the issues in the military face.

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