The Barber Shop Show: the power of the Latino vote and this month's news

We may not have heard very much about immigration in the presidential debates or even the election, but hold on to your seats, America. Just hours after President Obama was re-elected, Republicans started talking about how we have to find a real solution to the problem of immigration, one that may even involve a path to citizenship for undocumented people.

And who is that talk aimed at? The Latino electorate, which nationwide was larger than ever this Election Day, and gave little support to Republican candidates. On our post-election episode of The Barber Shop Show, our guest Fernando Diaz, managing editor of Hoy, talked to us about how the "sleeping giant" of the Latino electorate is waking up - something that may even mean a Latino president in 2016. Take a look:

On this week's show, we'll talk about recent local news in our mid-month mash up. Joining us in the shop will be WBEZ's Don Hall, and co-hosting with Richard this week will be our own web-editor, Melanie Coffee. Melanie's talents are mostly used behind-the-scenes here at the Reporter, but she's one smart cookie, so don't miss an hour of shop talk with her and the crew.

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