The Barber Shop Show: The Obamacare tax and segregation sickness

Looking forward to health care reform? You might end up paying a little more for your Grand Slam because of it.

This week on The Barber Shop Show, WBEZ's Don Hall brought in his news dislike for the month: businesses planning to charge customers more and cut employee hours to make up for any lost profits from penalties that will affect businesses that don't provide health insurance coverage for their employees.

John Metz, who owns 40 Denny's locations in Florida, said he'll be adding a 5 percent Obamacare surcharge to every bill, resulting in an average price of 45 cents more per check.

Don told us that business owners like Metz won't be getting his 45 cents extra. In fact, they won't be getting his business at all. Take a look:

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And this Friday, as you turn on the radio the day after your turkey feast, we've compiled a show of great clips from theater productions we've covered in the last year -- Geoffrey Owens and Tamberla Perry from David Mamet's play Race, actor and playwright Dael Orlandersmith from Black n’ Blue Boys/Broken Men and Laura Walls and Jasondra Johnson from the play Crowns.

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From all of us at The Barber Shop Show and The Chicago Reporter, we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have much to be thankful for. Don't forget to tune into the show, broadcast live from Carter's Barber Shop in North Lawndale every Friday from 12 to 1 p.m. on Vocalo 89.5 FM or

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