Cook County adds 1,350 affordable housing units

Cook County adds 1,350 affordable housing units

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle announced today the county will create at least 1,350 new affordable housing units this year.

The units will include 1,000 new subsidized housing vouchers, 200 units that will be repurposed for public housing and another 150 units for homeless veterans. All of the units will be paid for with funds from the federal government and the Housing Authority of Cook County.

"Improving access to affordable housing has been a consistent priority throughout my time in public service, and it is critical that we continue this work to ensure that our underserved communities have access to the housing they deserve," said Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, in a press release.

The 1,000 subsidized housing vouchers will go to families currently on the county's waiting list. The Housing Authority of Cook County is not currently taking applications for vouchers or spaces on the waiting list.

Preckwinkle said she's made a number of reforms to the housing authority's operation this year, including appointing four new board members.

The Cook County Board is also considering an amendment to the county's Human Rights Ordinance that would outlaw landlords from discriminating against tenants with housing vouchers. Check back later this week for more on that ordinance and how it may affect both tenants, landlords and the supply of affordable housing.

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  • "Affordable housing" - the very concept that first inflated, and then destroyed, housing values across the United States.

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    Given how much vacant and abandoned housing there is in Chicago and other big cities (and increasingly in suburban, small town, and rural areas), affordable housing which is occupied will remove eyesores, increase home values, and (of course) provide much needed homes for those who have been hardest hit by the recession). A win for all!

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