What's up this week: Chicago Teachers Union rally as CPS heads back to school

What's up this week: Chicago Teachers Union rally as CPS heads back to school

The lead up to the start of the school year often comes with some nervousness: A rough night's sleep, a knot in the stomach, lingering when deciding what to wear. We’ve all felt it, but this year Chicagoans who aren't in school and don't have children may also have some school year jitters.

That’s because the Chicago Teachers Union strike will begin Sept. 10, unless the union and the city reach an agreement. The tension around the strike announcement has been brewing all summer, with fits-and-starts in the negotiations. They’ve even been continuing over the holiday weekend.

Teachers and students will have four days of school before the projected start date of the strike. It’s unclear how long it will continue for – the last strike in 1987 lasted 19 days. But with more than 600 schools around the city without teachers during the strike, it’s likely that it could make a significant impact on Chicagoans daily lives.

On Monday, the CTU will be holding a Labor Day march, asking for their supporters to come out. The rally is seen by the union as a way to bring additional attention to what could be the biggest labor battle leading up to the November elections.

Meanwhile, Rahm Emanuel will be heading out of Chicago, to the Democratic National Convention.

The march on Monday will also kick off a week of informational pickets that the CTU plans to hold at schools across the city.

Photo credit: Sarah Jane Rhee/Chicago Indymedia, Creative Commons


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