In His Own Words: Boxing coach talks street violence, sparring and how sports can save lives

Gabriel Navarro may only be 33 years old, but he has seen enough to last a lifetime. Born and raised in Chicago’s predominately Latino Little Village community, Navarro has witnessed shootings on sidewalks, the death of his best friends to drug addictions, and other gang activities.

However, it was sports, like baseball and boxing, that kept Navarro out of a life on the streets. Now the head boxing coach at Chicago Youth Boxing Club in Little Village, he tries to teach his students how to box, as well as how to stay away from street violence and move forward in their lives.

The Chicago Reporter sat down with Navarro at the boxing club, and learned more about him, violence and how sports can save kids’ lives. To read the words of Navarro himself, check out the September/October 2012 issue of The Chicago Reporter.

--Safiya Merchant


To catch a glimpse inside the boxing club, check out the video below:



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