Barber Shop Show Preview: The other side of the Olympics

Barber Shop Show Preview: The other side of the Olympics

The world is captivated by this summer's Olympic Games, and why shouldn't it be?

But beyond the dazzling ceremonies and the seemingly super-human athletes, there's another side to the games. That's the side we'll be taking a look at on this week's Barber Shop Show, our weekly radio show on Vocalo.

What toll does the Olympics take on a city's economy? On its poor? On its government's coffers?

The London games are reportedly three billion pounds, or $4.7 billion, over budget.

Many people say that even with the costs, the Olympics are worth it in the long run. But we'll talk to a few locals who say Chicago dodged a bullet when it lost the 2016 Summer Olympics to Rio de Janeiro.

First up, we'll have Dwayne Truss, an Austin community activist who organized against Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics. We'll ask him why the Olympics were an issue for Austin, a neighborhood far from the site of where the games would have taken place.

He'll tell us how the Olympics bid relates to other development projects in Chicago that don't really deliver what they say they'll offer to low-income and black and brown communities.

Also on the show is Tom Tresser, the lead organizer for No Games Chicago, who traveled to Switzerland to talk to the International Olympic Committee. He's keeping tabs on what's happening in London right now, and what's starting to happen in Rio when it comes to the city's poor.

We'll also talk about some head-scratching moments from the games. Like why the controversy over American gold-medal gymnast Gabby Douglas' hair? Or athletes themselves writing racist tweets? We'll share our thoughts.

Tune in tomorrow at 12pm on to hear the show, live from the floor of Carter's Barber Shop in North Lawndale. Don't miss this lively conversation.

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    The Vancouver Winter Games left the taxpayers with a $1.5 BILLION bill. They cut services and laid off city workers and trampled on civil liberties. The London 2012 Games are $10 BILLION over budget. Imagine Chicago staggering under that mess? We have to stand up to BAD PROJECTS that enrich the Mayor's friends and the same set of insiders that pop up on every project in this city. Stop privatization. Demand equitable, grassroots economic development programs.

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